About the Company

The most cherished gifts on Earth are those of family and friends. One of the most popular and fun expressions of our feelings for our loved ones is in embracing the art of home entertaining.

Vinosamour is a romantic, wine-themed inspiration of love of family and friends. It is a merger of many years of professional photographic and corporate retail backgrounds combined with an appreciation of wine. Vinosamour is designed to offer richly attractive essentials for the home in a style of simplistic elegance and class. The still life images have been incorporated throughout the site and presented on many of the products.

The end result is a presentation of the highest quality, classic products to enhance intimate gatherings for those you really care about.

About the Founder

Rick Russell

Rick is a professional photographer with over thirty years of experience, specializing in commercial and people photography, including having been a photographer for NASA during the primary Space Shuttle missions. He also supervised a staff for a large retail corporation who’s personnel founded and developed the Price Club, eventually merging with Costco.

With his photographic background and an avocation of wine collecting, Rick began creating romantic, wine-themed still life portraiture, in a style he describes as “simplistic elegance.”

After the tragedy of September 11th Rick found himself doing more family and high school senior portraiture than at any other time in his career. What he learned is adversity brings us back to basics…family…friends… and intimate home gatherings to celebrate these precious gifts of life…

Rick’s educational background includes a BA in Journalism from Fresno State University and other interests include being a nationally ranked Masters distance runner.